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The PAQ, the Ambition of a Country!

Welcome - Kuei - ᑐᖕᖓᓱᒋᑦ - Watkwanonweraton

Our political principles and what inspires us.

Read us, tune in, come meet us.

Discover ways of participating in the PAQ.

The PAQ is a non-partisan organization aiming for a mobilization of the Quebec population around an ideal of society within which each and everyone is invited to take part in the making of an authentic, free, and enfranchised Quebec.

Participate Financially

The PAQ is based on the principle that doing politics differently is necessary and that the promotion of a project such as Quebec independence must happen in a non-partisan manner. Financial contributions are thus essential to allow us to make the PAQ shine all around Quebec. We need you! Donations will go towards the production of exclusive content aiming to inform and drive popular reflection, occupy the public debate and contribute to gathering organizations sharing the same objective, to better concert the efforts. You can either make a general donation to the organization or directly support the initiative that you wish to finance through your contribution.
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Our Manifesto

Unveiling the PAQ’s nature, the manifesto proposes three quests, short tales taking the form of fictional letters exposing the trajectories of citizens having chosen Quebec. These quests, which cover topics such as authenticity, freedom, and enfranchisement, metaphorize the ambition of a country. They are intersected with poems and illustrations that paint the picture of a Quebec to which we can all aspire, before presenting the way through which we propose to get there.  
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