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Participate on the Field

There are many ways in which to participate in the projet Ambition Québec, and the following list is anything but exhaustive. Let’s be reminded that we wish to prioritize originality and innovation in this process. This project needs to be one of co-creation. As ambassadors, you can actively participate and have a say in what the PAQ is and will become.  


  • Become a member of the board of directors of a community organization in your neighbourhood, city or region, and share the PAQ’s philosophy.

  • Organize a round table or any other type of debating event around the national issue and encourage participants to freely share their thoughts on the topic to fuel the PAQ’s reflection.

Schools, CEGEPs, and Universities

  • Put in place an associative PAQ committee at your academic institution to encourage involvement   within the student body and promote it.

  • Organize conference lunches, debates, or any other type of deliberative event around the national issue and encourage students to freely share their thoughts on the subject to get the conversation going around the PAQ.

  • Apply for a position in your student representation committee and bring forward PAQ ideas to your classmates, with active support from the organization.


Download the activism guide co-produced with the Mouvement des jeunes souverainistes (MJS):

Friends and Family

  • Broadcast PAQ ideas to the largest possible audience by obtaining a copy of the manifesto and sharing it with people in your surroundings.

  • Raise awareness among your loved ones on the importance of protecting our environment, supporting our culture, buying locally, and learning more about our history.


Workplaces and Unions

  • Make the PAQ known to your colleagues in an informal manner or get involved in your union to actively promote the PAQ to your fellow colleagues.



  • Run for office in the next municipal election and carry the PAQ’s ideas to your fellow citizens with active support from the organization.


Download the guide to become a PAQ network partner at the municipal level:

(PDF to come)

Become part of the team

The PAQ’s board of directors is delighted to welcome new collaborators who will accompany it in the accomplishment of its various initiatives such as research, writing, communications, or organization. Any form of help and support is greatly welcomed at all times, according to your availability, interests and expertise.

Leave us your contact information if you wish to become a part of the team!

Thank you for your interest!

Other organizations

We kindly invite you to join the various initiatives of other sovereignist organizations in the civil society!

Mouvement des jeunes souverainistes (MJS)
Groupe Facebook


Organisations unies pour l’indépendance (OUI)

Site Web


Mouvement national des Québécois (MNQ)
Site Web


Société Saint-Jean-Baptiste de Montréal (SSJBM)
Site Web


Mouvement Québec indépendant (MQI) 
Site Web


Intellectuels pour la souveraineté (IPSO)
Site Web


Institut de recherche sur l’autodétermination des peuples et les indépendances nationales (IRAI)
Site Web


Would you also like to support the PAQ financially?

Our donation platform is managed by Donorbox.

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