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Our Manifesto

In only a few decades, Quebec has gone from a “water carrier” mentality to one of a nation in which individuals, now enfranchised, realize that they have everything they need to succeed… and in French! If prior generations have given Quebec the means of its ambitions, we must now nurture an ambition commensurate with our means. Could Quebec help meet the great challenges of our times and become a reference on the world stage in that regard? The fight for enfranchisement of Quebecers, which began in the 1960s, must now be finalized by being tied to recent and current social struggles.


Through this out-of-the-norm manifesto, the founding team of the projet Ambition Québec explains why it chooses to bet on the principle of proximity to begin this process. The regions, municipalities, communities and other different living environments need to be placed at the core of the sovereignist action renewal. This is how we will be able to pave the way towards a country amid which each and every Quebecer can fully flourish.


In order to convey the values and emotions shared by the PAQ, a limited quantity of hard copies has been printed.

For the readers who would prefer a digital version, you can get yours.

Metaphorize the Ambition of a Country

Unveiling the PAQ’s nature, the manifesto focuses on democracy, which, by nature, can be based on none other than a sense of belonging and solidarity. It proposes three quests, short tales taking the form of fictional letters exposing the trajectories of citizens having chosen Quebec. These quests, which cover topics such as authenticity, freedom, and enfranchisement, metaphorize the ambition of a country. They are intersected with poems and illustrations that paint the picture of a Quebec to which we can all aspire, before presenting the way through which we propose to get there.  

A few Excerpts of the Manifesto (French only)



An entrepreneurial quest towards the foundation of a business. A letter from a daughter to her mother.

Excerpt of the quest for Authenticity



A quest towards ownership, through a return to the land. A letter from a father to his sons.

Excerpt of the quest for Freedom



A quest towards adult life, outside the family nest. A letter from a young woman to her best friend.

Excerpt of the quest for Enfranchisement


A discussion among the founding members of the PAQ.

Excerpt of our advocacy


Our manifesto is presented to you by the PAQ’s founding members:

  • Geneviève Dubé-Marcil

  • Catherine Fournier

  • Guillaume Gingras

  • Jean Pierre Kayihura*

  • Odette Lavigne

  • Lou-Joris Lavoie-Rondeau

  • Élodie Lussier Piché

  • Pierre Marois

  • Carl Paquet

  • Karolanne Perreault

  • Shophika Vaithyanathasarma

  • Jean-Christophe Verbert

*Fictional name, for professional reasons.



We warmly thank our collaborators:

  • Lysa Bélaïcha

  • Thomas Brassard

  • Julia Duranleau

  • Eliane Kistabish

  • Clément Laberge

  • Delphine Marchand-Roy

  • Jordanne Maynard

  • Hélène Mercier

  • Carl Morasse

  • Sabrina Nielsen

  • Laurent Paquin

  • Michelle Rodrigue

  • Alexandra Tanguay-Verreault

  • As well as the entire team at Somme toute.

Other Ideas

You share the same ideas and wish to get involved in the PAQ?

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