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Vision Statement

The Ambition Quebec project (PAQ) is a non-profit organization (NPO) structured around a non-partisan and multidisciplinary reflection group. Its non-hierarchical board of directors has a flexible and consensus-based approach for decision-making. Its actions therefore represent the integration of ideas shared by its members, respecting the opinions of all parties involved.


The PAQ advocates a fundamental change in Quebec's political culture. The organization operates on the principles that politics need to be made differently and that the promotion of a societal project like Quebec independence should be made in a non-partisan manner. Consequently, the ideas of the PAQ must constantly stay alive and in movement, just as the dialogue with the population must always remain open.


Ultimately, the PAQ wishes to gather the support needed for a victory of the Quebec sovereignist movement by democratic means. To this end, the organization intends to actively participate in political and constitutional debates. Moreover, it promotes voter participation by informing and encouraging public discussion.


In the form of a clearinghouse of ideas, the PAQ offers solutions through the implementation of tangible projects, driven by the philosophy that membership develops through action.


The PAQ wishes to exert its influence through a bottom-up approach. This requires the development of organizational expertise in the field necessary to the implementation of large-scale citizen mobilization, so as to multiply public support.


In line with contemporary issues in Quebec, the PAQ is committed to cultivating a sense of belonging in Quebec through the main stimuli of collective pride amid Quebecers: territory, culture, ingenuity, and solidarity. 

Other Ideas

You share the same ideas and wish to get involved in the PAQ?

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