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Participate Financially

Why Finance the PAQ?

  • To support the initiatives of the new generation of sovereignists;

  • To contribute to producing exclusive content regarding the independence of Quebec;

  • So that the PAQ’s ideas may occupy the public forum, be it on the web, in the media or right on the field;

  • To train and accompany champions of the PAQ in various communities;

  • To allow an active and visible presence of the PAQ in all regions of Quebec.


We invite you to make a general donation to the organization or to choose exactly which initiative you wish to finance via your contribution.

Our donation platform is managed by Donorbox.

You can also make a financial contribution by cheque, made out to AMBITION QUEBEC, sent by mail to the following address:

557 rue de Parfondeval

Baie-Comeau, Québec

G5C 3S5


Every dollar brings us closer to the achievement of this grand collective project! We wholeheartedly thank you for your contribution.

Would you also like to get involved socially in the PAQ?

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