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Lou-Joris Lavoie-Rondeau


"I am convinced that it is our collective responsibility as Quebecers to affirm francophone pride and to stand up for linguistic as well as cultural diversity on a global scale."

Holder of a Master’s Degree in Public and International Affairs, Lou-Joris is a young professional within Quebec’s public service. A history and cinema buff, he aspires to produce film projects that portray his love for Quebec. Until then, Lou-Joris indulges his various hobbies, such as retro videogames, hockey pools, reading, and – of course – the defence of Quebec’s superior interests! Even though he currently lives in the City of Montreal, Lou-Joris remains a proud representative of Laflèche, the neighbourhood where he grew up and acquired not only his street smarts but also the tools necessary for navigating the halls of government and university.

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