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Karolanne Perreault


"I am convinced that education, culture and language form the intersection that brings together all Quebecers in a single place, as well as the other nations with which we share this majestic territory."

A newly qualified Master’s Degree holder in Communications from the UQÀM, Karolanne is driven by her thirst for knowledge and culture. Her interest in academic research but also for work on the field allow her to adopt a critical and well-thought-out point of view. Karolanne has her heart set on contributing to the betterment of today’s Quebec thanks to her curious spirit, honesty and openness to differences. She simply loves Quebec: all its regions, its four seasons, its language and accents, its artists and artisans, its talents – both large and small. She loves large spaces made green by plants and trees, going to farmers’ markets, eating out, running, and most of all the music that goes wherever she does!

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