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"The proximity principle necessarily implies increased accountability. That is why it must be at the very heart of our actions, so that it may contribute to rebuilding trust in our public institutions."

A graduate in Economic Sciences and in Political Science at the University of Montreal, Catherine Fournier is serving her second term as a Member of the National Assembly for Marie-Victorin, where she sits as an independent sovereignist since March 2019. Elected to the National Assembly when she was 24 years old, she was the youngest woman to ever accomplish this in Quebec history. Catherine adores reading and writing, having authored two books, L’audace d’agir (Somme toute, 2017), which advocates for political engagement of youth of her generation, as well as Le projet Ambition Québec : s’organiser pour l’indépendance (Somme toute, 2019), which marks the founding of the PAQ  and appeals for the Quebec sovereignty movement to be redefined based on good citizenship and diversity.

Catherine Fournier

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